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Minime4uHere’s a fun item either for yourself or for a gift. Think of having a miniature personalized statue of yourself, a loved one, or just someone you think might appreciate having their own mascot. It’s one of those highly personalized toys that will definitely not be duplicated.

UPDATE: I've received a discount code good for 8% discount on your own minime figures. 

Discount code: 6668412241282

Just enter the discount code at checkout for an 8% discount on your MiniMe4U order (shipping excluded). Be sure to post pics of your own MiniMe on Insta with the tag #minis&d 


Minime4u does something similar to those 3D printed dolls that are printed based on scans of your picture. That high tech approach uses a multi-camera setup to create a 3D image that then feeds a 3D printer. Cool stuff but I don’t have one of those multi-camera rigs installed in my home so that was out of the question.

Minime4u takes the old school approach and simply has a skilled artist create the caricature from a single photo. I had a pair of figures made for my wife and myself and rather than have our whole bodies recreated I chose an ‘explorer’ outfitted couple and simply had the company put our finished heads on them.

Here’s the process

I picked the body template from their very long list of examples.  I thought they would fit our travel and adventure lifestyle.


From there I chose the skin, eye, and hair colors.

Finally I searched through my existing pictures to find one of each of us that would work. They want a decent shot of your whole face looking at the camera. No problem. I had one of each of us.

I sent the order off and sent the JPG images of use in a separate email.

Customer service response was pretty amazing. I got notification that they received my order and photos. That’s not all that exceptional in itself, but I also got step by step updates of the progress of the order.

First - the faces
I got an email with images of our faces alongside the photo that I sent so that I could verify they were on the right track. I decided I couldn’t really suggest any changes so confirmed the faces looked right.

Note here that these are NOT 3D printed. They are hand modeled by actual artists. And I was impressed by the accuracy of the renderings from just a single photo.

 50964 1 resized











Second - the hair
I specified the color of our hair and the artist created the look from the photo. Again, I was happy with the results so I just acknowledged the step.

50964 resized 1












Third - the bodies
This was simple since the bodies were already designed, still they let me see them for verification.

50964 2 resized













Fourth and final - completed
This was the coolest part. I got the images of my wife and me standing there in our explorer outfits looking pretty much like us - well like us as cartoon caricatures. But otherwise pretty perfect.

50964 1 resized 2













So now the wait for them to get to me from wherever they were coming from - I think somewhere in China.
Turns out they use 3-day DHL delivery, so I got the shipment notice on Friday that the order would be here on Tuesday.

The package got to me on Tuesday and was nicely wrapped in padding. Having seen so many of the steps along the way in photos, the opening ceremony was almost anticlamictic. They were exactly what I expected to see. Except of course that they were in my hands.

So here’s the resulting couple ready for travel documentation. The standard delivery has the figurines mounted on a base but I requested they not glue them down so that I can position them as needed for photo shoots. Each figurine has metal pins out of the bottoms of the feet to mount. I cut the mounting base that came with the figures in half so that I can put the figures in their own piece of the base and stand them where they need to be.


I’m not sure what I expected but the figures are a kind of not completely hard plastic. The surface looks like skin and/or material depending on what you’re looking at, but overall it looks and feels pretty realistic.


























I like these Minimes. If you’re interested in seeing them in action just look on Instagram for the tags #MiniS&D. We will be posting as we go to different places. Personally I think these are a lot more interesting than selfies, and way easier to position.