Blue Flower

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After watching a few cooking shows (mostly America's Test Kitchen) we were craving mushrooms. Yes, mushrooms. I've certainly cooked with them over the years but after seeing some of the concoctions they created I declared this week to be "Mushroom Week". And believe it or not there's even an existing hashtag #mushroomweek that you can find on Instagram. I've posted photos there so you can follow along and drool. Or better yet, have at some fungal gastronomy on your own. When you do be sure to post to IG with the hashtag #mushroomweek and let me know about it. 


Here's our first meal based loosely on a recipe for shrimp and mushrooms. I don't plan on posting the entire recipe here but I'll give the highlights and a few pictures.

(Here's the original recipe from Cook's Country.)


The basics

Mushrooms - shiitake and white mushrooms - about a pound

Shrimp - get the largest you can find

Artichoke hearts - 1/2 pound

I cooked them each sequentially in olive oil and garlic in the same pan then added 1/2 cup white wine and some red pepper flakes. 


I let it cook down and at the end added 3 tablespoons of butter. You know that no sauce is complete without butter, right? It's true!

Once all was cooked down it was time to eat. And the combo didn't disappoint. I may add more red pepper next time but this is a winner, and a great start to our #mushroomweek experiment.


Try it yourself.