Blue Flower

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IMG 20170630 194330We were craving a simple baked potato dish on this night. So we put 2 medium sized potatoes on the oven and brought out the fry pan for the onions and shooms.



The mushroom mix was creminis and white mushrooms with a mix of some unusual (for me) species that I didn't recognize. But since I bought them from the grocery store I assumed they were safe to eat.


I fried up the onion slivers first (Vidalia onions are nice and sweet). then added in the mushrooms once the onions got translucent and a little browned.


Once the potatoes were done I split them open, added some butter, and layered on the shroooms. I was tempted to put some bacon on as well but decided to keep this one relatively pure though I'm not certain it was entirely vegetarian (not my preference anyhow).