Blue Flower

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IMG 20170701 193804This dish was in fact the genesis of our mushroom week adventure but we decided to hold off making it till the end of the week. As it turned out, this recipe was the best of all of our experiments. It has the firmness of the pasta along with a great natural sauce and the flavor of the mushrooms works its way into the pasta. If you decide to make any of these, this one is the prize.


(Here's the original recipe from Cook's Country.)

pasta with mushrom sauce


We started with 3 kinds of mushrooms - shiitake, white buttons, and just a little porcini at the end. The recipe calls for 2 shallots and some sage as well.


I put the mixture in a cast iron dutch oven and cooked for a while. Actually even though the mushrooms cook easily this recipe calls for cooking them in multiple stages. Not a problem as I had my wine close at hand (this was an Italian type dish after all so I had an amazing valpolicella ripasso to go with it). 


Once the non-pasta ingredients were brown and smelling wonderful I added water and lemon juice and cooked a bit more. Oh, and there's also a cup of pecorino romano cheese cooking with this that added the salty robust cheese flavor.


What's so nice about this recipe is that it all cooks in one pot and is perfect for spooning right into your plate - which we did multiple times.