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louisiana mapThere are innumerable alcoholic drinks in the world: beers, wines, scotch, bourbon, hard liquor – that's way too wide a variety to waste time on the bad ones (nothing worse than a bad drink) in search of the best. Well, here is our list of  the most popular types of alcoholic beverages in Louisiana, just so you know what to serve any Louisiana natives who come knocking at your door.


1.       Beer
Abt, or Quadrupel, is a kind of super strong Trappist or abbey ale, and there is a difference between the two, but we lump them together. Abts are darker and have richer, fruitier tones, while Quadrupels are paler and tend to have peachy tastes, and both have a strong malty taste that lingers on the tongue.

2.       Wine
When it comes to wines, you'll find those of the muscadine variety very popular in Louisiana. After all, that’s where it gets vinted. Made, obviously, from muscadines, a Southern grape with a tough skin that loves the humidity of the South, these wines are intended to be consumed early on; they don’t age, so best get drinking.

3.       Bourbon & Scotch
A local New Orleans variation on a Cognac or whiskey cocktail, the Sazerac was named Louisiana’s Official Cocktail in 2008, so it’s safe to say you can serve it at your new Louisianan bar. It gets its name from the brand of Cognac used in the original recipe, though this Louisianan twist on it will usually forgo the Cognac in favour of good old-fashioned whiskey or Bourbon. Along with absinthe, sugar, and bitters, just to make sure you’re having a good time.

4.       Hard Liquor
Well, they keep it simple down in the South. Ask around and you’ll probably find that the favourite drink is good old-fashioned whiskey. Nothing fancy, just something hard and simple and smooth. Incidentally, Louisianans who frequent Twitter are, according to social intelligence companies, way more likely to tweet about hard liquor than beer. Just so you know where they’re hearts are at.

5.       Cocktails
When it comes to other cocktails, Louisiana keeps it local – the state has given the world rather a lot of famous ones, and those are the ones you’re apt to find people drinking. These include the Sazerac (already mentioned), the Hurricane (a rum-based concoction dating back to World War Two), and the Creole Bloody Mary (spicing up an old classic with Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, cos it’s the South, y'all!)